I am a research scientist at causaLens, working on fundemental and applied research in machine learning and causality. I completed my PhD in probabilistic machine learning at the Mathematic for Real-World Systems CDT at the University of Warwick, where I was supervised by Theo Damoulas, and previously by Rich Savage. I was also a Visiting Researcher at the London based Alan Turing Institute and an intern at Secondmind.ai in Cambridge, where I worked with ST John and James Hensman. My main area of fundemental research is in Probabilistic Machine Learning and I have also been recently looking into the interface between Causality and Reinforcment learning.

Research Interests:

  • Probabilsitic models mainly Gaussian Processes
  • Bayesian inference (mainly Variational Inference)
  • Causality and reinforcment learning
  • Multitask and transfer Learning
  • Sequential Monte Carlo
  • Continual and online learning
  • Variance reduction